Lottery Terminal
Finding the Right Game for Each Customer 

Lotto+ turns the lottery terminal from a mere utility into an intelligent and effective marketing vehicle by learning and understanding the customer’s wants and needs at the time of making an offer.
Through a one-way EPOS integration, Lotto+ automatically identifies the most relevant lottery game or sports bet to offer your customers by analysing real-time the lottery station’s local conditions (i.e. location, sales cycle and customer demographics) and knowledge of the customer previous and current games. This analysis results in a dynamic retail promotion specifically targeted to an individual customer.
Boost the Average Transaction for Each Customer
Based on a series of complex algorithms that are executed in milliseconds at the lottery station, Lotto+ generates customer offers based on previous lottery purchases, local station data, other external factors and your own corporate priorities and sales strategy.

Customers receive intelligent suggestions for additional lottery games and draws, which encourage them to purchase additional tickets, thereby increasing the size of the average transaction at the lottery station.
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